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Keith is Cleghorn Venture’s president and Chief Innovator. Keith has enjoyed a successful career as an entrepreneur and executive in the corporate employee benefits industry. Prior to forming Cleghorn Ventures, Mr. Sullivan co-founded ArmadaGlobal, a company that delivers specialty employee benefits insurance products and healthcare services. Serving as CEO for 15 years, Mr. Sullivan successfully grew the company to a national specialty benefit leader with several operating subsidiary businesses. Mr. Sullivan sold ArmadaGlobal to Sirius Group, a global insurance and reinsurance company, in April 2017. 

Prior to ArmadaGlobal, Mr. Sullivan created and served as President and Chief Executive Officer of PERFORMAX, Inc., a healthcare benefits consulting and administration company. Mr. Sullivan created PERFORMAX in 1998 from a management led buy-out of Corporate Healthcare Financing, Inc. (CHF), a wholly owned subsidiary of United American Healthcare Corporation (NYSE). Mr. Sullivan worked to re-position and re-brand the company and led the business to profitable national expansion. 

Prior to the buy-out, Mr. Sullivan ran the CHF business unit as its Executive Vice President and served as its Vice Chairman. Prior to CHF, Mr. Sullivan founded the business of Healthcare Plan Management, Inc (HPM) serving as its President and CEO and ultimately selling HPM to United American Healthcare Corporation in 1992.


In 2016, Sullivan received Maryland’s E&Y Entrepreneur Of The Year® award in Health Care IT in recognition of his extraordinary success in innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to his business and community.

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